Energy Logistics for the South of Chile

Voluntary Commitments

Here are some of our voluntary commitments

Carbon Neutral

First Carbon Neutral LNG Maritime Terminal

What is our objective?

To compensate the CO2 emissions produced during the operational stage up to 100%.

How will we do that?

This compensation will be in the form of reforestation projects and the sustainable management of native trees.

Chioos Tsunami Early Warning System

The first maritime terminal in Chile with this innovative system.

The Terminal Marítimo GNL Talcahuano project will fund the construction of a tsunami early warning system that is currently being developed by the Department of Geophysics at the University of Concepción for use as a preventive system in the face of a catastrophe such as an earthquake or tsunami, which could affect our maritime terminal installations. At the same time, the system will offer a free service to the community in such an emergency situation.

The tsunami early warning system consists of a series of high frequency (HF) ocean radars, also used for coastal dynamics studies.

The radar system will be installed on the Biobío Region coast, generating radio waves that will travel 200 kilometers out to sea then bounce back, being captured by another system of receiving antennas.

The system will provide information in real time, with a coverage of 200 kilometers from the coast, giving an early warning to the authorities and to our community of the arrival of a distant tidal wave. The system will begin transmitting in response to unusual occurrences in ocean currents after an earthquake.

Under these conditions, an early warning could be given up to 40 minutes before the arrival of waves on the coast, with 24 hour monitoring