Energy Logistics for the South of Chile


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Key Location

The various studies conducted by maritime specialists for the Terminal Marítimo GNL Talcahuano project over a long period of time have demonstrated that the most suitable location for the installation of a maritime terminal between the Gulf of Arauco in the south to the mouth of the River Itata in the north is the Isla de los Reyes area of of the Bay of Concepción in Talcahuano Commune, Concepción Province.

Conectivity and Proximity

The site chosen has a privileged location, since it has excellent connectivity and is near to the main residential and industrial consumers of natural gas in the Biobío Region.

Location and Coordinates

The Terminal Marítimo GNL Talcahuano project is located about 4 kilometers from the Isla de los Reyes coastline, which is only 120 meters from the existing gas pipeline. The current coastal development plan designates the project sector as a port area and there are no concessions that interfere with its occupation.

Environmental Impact Study

For the environmental impact study, field measurements and oceanographic studies were carried out alternately over a period of more than 3 years with the purpose of making a comparison with studies conducted before the 2010 earthquake.

Protected Area

The site is in an exceptional location, as the Bay of Concepción is generally calm, being protected from the prevailing winds and heavy seas, principally by Quiriquina Island to the north.

Safety For The Surrounding Population

The maritime terminal site is at an optimal safety distance from populated areas, being more than 4 km from the nearest homes, in accordance with the standards set by the Sandia Reports 2004-6258 and 2008-3153, as recommended by SIGTTO. Furthermore, it is far from the entry routes for the other terminals in the bay, as well as from fishing routes, preventing any interference with present maritime traffic.