Energy Logistics for the South of Chile

Terminal Marítimo GNL Talcahuano

Main Objective of the Project

Terminal Marítimo GNL Talcahuano aims at providing the Biobío Region with a safe and constant supply of natural gas through the installation and operation of a marine terminal located on the Bay of Concepción for the import, storage and regasification of LNG, in order to serve residential, commercial and industrial consumers in the region.

General Description of the Project

Terminal Marítimo GNL Talcahuano will allow the import, storage and regasification of LNG transported periodically from the source by LNG Carrier ships in order to be finally dispatched through a flexible underwater gas pipeline joined directly to the existing pipeline, which is connected to the Biobío Region natural gas network, enabling distribution companies to deliver natural gas to their clients.

Details of the project

100.000 m3 of LNG

Storage capacity for liquid natural gas (LNG).

8,5 million m3/day

Maximum natural gas regasification capacity.

Approximately 4 kilometers

Length of flexible underwater gas pipeline

No seawater used

in the regasification process.

The project consists in building a marine terminal of the type near-shore island for the import, storage and regasification of liquid natural gas (LNG).

The design of our marine terminal will make it possible to permanently moor a LNG storage and regasification platform with an approximate storage capacity of 100,000 m3 of LNG and a maximum regasification capacity of 8.5 million m3/day.

The near-shore island design means that the terminal is out at sea about 4 kilometers from the coast. This design does not use a jetty connection to land, thus avoiding potencial impact associated with the construction and operation of such a jetty.

The LNG regasification process will be totally carried out on the regasification platform using vaporizer technology with a closed fresh water-glycol cycle, thus excluding in advance the use of seawater for the regasification process.